The Team

Kate from the Kitty Code

Hi, I’m Kate –  a COAPE qualified Companion Animal Behaviourist (DipCAPBT). Having loved animals all my life, I decided that life is too short not to make your passion a more permanent part of your life! In 2014, I started a correspondence course with COAPE, introducing Cat Behaviour, and then went on to do the full Diploma, which I graduated from in 2017. I am currently studying to complete my EMRA Advanced Diploma through COAPE.  While I am currently focussed on consulting with cat owners, this Diploma qualifies me to work with all companion animals. Eventually I would love to make this a full time part of my life, but for now I also work full-time in the corporate world.

No amount of cat chatter will ever bore me and I love chatting to cat owners about their Kitty’s unique personality and behaviour; and helping owners to understand their kits and have better relationships really makes me smile. It is my very strong belief that with proper education about our companion animals needs and behaviour, and with a greater appreciation and understanding of pets, less of our animals will end up in shelters and  at least some of this problem will be alleviated.

CAPBT Affiliate member


Although there is strictly only one (human) companion animal behaviourist at the Kitty Code, there are some very important team members that contribute significantly to the daily affairs of the Kitty Code.



Harry is the “landlord” of The Kitty Code office, and kindly allows the rest of us to live and work there for free. He does demand constant attention and a full food and water bowl and can often be found doing site inspections to make sure the latter is up to his standards. Harry also fulfills a quality assurance position by observing almost every word that gets put out under the Kitty Code brand.





Elliott is a reliable and hard-working product and training tester. If there are new treats, toys or puzzle feeders to be experimented with, Elliott takes the lead on this. In his spare time, Elliott shoots the breeze with the other neighborhood cats and plays with his “Mousy”. Favourite hang out spots include carport roofs and any boxes that happen upon his path.




Khaleesi is the junior of the group, but is showing real talent for communications, being the most vocal and “directive”. She ensures that we are up and working at the right time every morning and is also very quick to point out when a door is closed and shouldn’t be. She is full of sound advice and enthusiastically offers her opinion when asked, and sometimes when she’s not asked. Because this takes so much energy, she spends the remainder of the day on her favourite rocking chair.

(Sadly Khaleesi passed away on 23 March 2018 after a short struggle with FIP. I cannot bring myself to delete her profile. I know she is doing her thing wherever she is. She has left a huge gap)