About The Kitty Code

The Kitty Code has been in existence since 2017, established by companion animal behaviourist, Kate Slade and is based in Fourways, JHB.

While cats make the best housemates, sometimes their behaviour can seem a little inappropriate, inconvenient or anti-social. This can intensify when any sort of change or disturbance is introduced to their environment. Scratching, spraying, fighting and hiding can all be frustrating for even the most patient and understanding cat owner and often breaks down the owner-pet relationship completely. These issues can even affect inter-personal relationships within the household.  Many times, owners just put it down to normal cat behaviour and either live unhappily with the problem, or they sadly surrender or euthanise their much-loved cat.

Once you understand the reason for these behaviours, they are very often fixable or can be redirected appropriately. The process of behaviour consulting allows you to identify the motivations  –  which could be emotional or purely practical – and introduce solutions that fit into your schedule and budget to help your kitty. If you’re not sure whether your cat’s behaviour is problematic or just normal kitty behaviour (which admittedly can be weird) please feel free to contact me and let’s chat!