New Years resolutions that both you and your cat will love!

Why not plan your new year resolutions around your cat this year?  Here are some healthy habits that will benefit you both !


1. This year I will play more

Yes! Playing releases feel-good neurotransmitters, in your brain. If you or your cat need a quick pick-me-up, grab a wand toy and start to move it around like Kitty’s favourite prey.  It’s hard not to smile while watching her pounce playfully with a super serious face. It’s a great stress and boredom buster and is excellent for building the bond between you and your cat.

2. This year I will spend more time in the garden

Being out in the sun in your garden obviously provides a good dose of vitamin D for you and some time away from the stress of day-to-day life.. but there are also hidden advantages for your cat in your gardening habit.

Plant some herbs for kitty to chew on, smell and lie in. It’s a great source of enrichment for them. Some of the plants they love include:

  • Catnip (obviously)
  • Valerian (this has a similar effect to catnip)
  • Kitty grass
  • And two that you can enjoy together: lemongrass and mint!

There are a few plants that are highly poisonous to cats, so consult this list before planting anything in your garden:


3. This year I will DIY more

Wonderful! Everyone feels great when they can proudly show off their own hard work around the house. Cats are a huge help with many tasks around the home and there are a few cat-related projects that they would easily get on board with.

  • Make a new scratching post, or just buy some sisal rope and wrap it around a relevant area in your home somewhere (maybe a stair railing or desk or table leg). The best scratching posts are high enough for your cat to stand up and stretch against. I especially love the ones in this post:
  • Make a hammock: Cats love to have options! The more hide away spots they have, or the more perches they have, the happier your little feline friend will be. Here are some awesome DIY hammock instructions:  This one is so easy I’m not even sure it qualifies as DIY:  

There tons of these around and if you’re a seasoned DIYer, all you need to do is google DIY cat projects and choose your challenge!

Wishing you and your kitty all the best for 2018 and hope these ideas kick off a long list of activities for you to enjoy together this year.

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